Track CD

1. MacCallum's Reel/Tune for a Lost Harmonica
2. Thaney
3. Sheila's One-legged Spectacles/The Famous Bridge
4. Cailin Rua
5. Cancro Cru
6. Do Thugas Gra Cleibh Duit
7. Cape Breton's Own/Marche au Camp
8. Poor Lonesone Hen
9. Troll/Sean's Slip
10. A Kiss in the Morning Early
11. Munster Grass/McGinley's Socks
12. Smugglers of Strangford
13. Dhu Hill/The Crooked Bandit
14. Fishing in the Morning



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the outside track

BOING 0701 - July 2007

Listen: Lonesome Hen; MacCallum's Reel;
Kiss in the Morning; Cailin Rua

"This is a superb debut album from a precociously talented group of musicians where the singing and playing is of the highest standards and the overall mood one of joyous exuberance." - Maverick Magazine, July 2007

" from their respective cultures adds to a mix that is quite intoxicating." - David Blu

"A young band who will gain a following for their cross De Dannan/Altan/Patrick Street style of performance. Plenty of feisty jigs and reels played with aplomb topped by Norah Rendell's vocals on a mix of traditional and contemporary songs including a more than decent cover of Mick Hanley's "A Kiss In The Morning Early". This quintet should earn a legion of Celtic music fans." - Pete Fyfe,

And from The Telegraph!

"With a hint of coals-to-Newcastle audacity, five talented young musicians band together to produce a session of Irish traditional music, ignoring the thin spread of their Irishness.

While all studied at the Irish World Academy of Music and Dance in Limerick, only one - Alan Jordan - is a native. The rest hail from Vancouver, Derbyshire, Edinburgh and the Highlands, and their playing betrays a range of formative influences from jazz to baroque.

But the results are close to being as good as Irish music currently gets.

Norah Rendell, the Canadian, takes most lead vocals with calm authority, though Jordan's less cultured singing in Gaelic of a maudlin tale of spurned love has rough-edged charm.

The unlikely mix has yielded a heartening debut, stirring hope that the band will triumph over the inconvenience of disparate origins to build on their rich promise."
- Colin Randall, Daily Telegraph

"This eclectic combination buzz and fizz together, producing modern acoustic folk music of the very highest quality. The album kicks off with a sparkling set of reels showing to great effect the superb fiddle of Patricia Clark interplaying with the flute of Norah Rendell. The set-up of flute, fiddle and clarsach brings to mind early Chieftains and the playing is of as high a quality." - Maverick Magazine, July 2007

You missed The Outside Track at one of these venues in 2007. Watch out for their next tour in summer 2008

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